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  1. Maryam Aryafar

    Hello I can’t play with my friends???
    We have been playing for a while with no problems. I even paid for the app??


  2. Alireza

    Recently I have t lost the option to play with friends or online, the only option is single playing. Can you help me to fix the problem?


  3. jangolak

    Hi, in the middle of the game, all the servers will be disconnected and we will not be able to play a full game and it will remove us from the game.


  4. elham

    Hi, in the middle of the game, all the servers will be disconnected and we will not be able to play a full game and it will remove us from the game.


  5. Mitra Maleki

    I sent an invite to my friend, we can only play against computers now! It’s not as fun as playing with ppl like before


  6. Homayoun

    Hi Dear Batak. I am almost certain that there are people that as soon as they lose ,the game, they have found a way to hang the game. One of the player who I am certain is by user name of اسد٣. Please kindly look in to it. You guys have done a superb job. Thank you.


  7. Moh

    Hey blueberry rescuers, first of all I wanted to purchase ad removal to support you but you know getting a dollar to your apple ID is a headache! Email me your bank details so that i can transfer you in iran, secondly, people abuse the stickers somehow, heart eye to ask to continue what teammate is doin, mustache guy means i have the king and plenty more! Please do sth about it.


  8. Nooran

    Hello , Some players have selected the names that are immodest and obscene , It is not good for your site , most of these names are in farsi language , If may ,remedy it, please


  9. پرپر

    Dourod bar shoma Alan chand rouzeh ke bazi mikonam emtiaz ezaf misheh vali rotbeh avaz nemisheh dar ostad bozorgha id man پرپر hastesh. Sepasgozaram az ap binazire shoma


  10. پر پر

    Doruod emtiaze man dar jadvale ostad bozorgha gofl shodeh va bala nemireh chera Alan yek hafteh har chi emtiaz migiram ezaf nemisheh chera ?…..??? ??????????????


  11. Bahram

    Ehtemal midam irani bashi
    Telephone tamaasam ine
    Call me or message me on whatsup
    Mitoonim ba ham ye hamkaari dashte baashim


  12. Fariborz

    Since releasing the new Hokm app.. It has has major issues .. the game hangs, stops and gives you a message that it does not exist any more.. you rarely can play a full 7 game match without an error..


  13. Hassan

    my hokm online stop suddenly and don’t start a multi play for me. I uninstalled it an installed again but still dont play multi game. why? it continued three day. Iran.tehran.


  14. Reza

    Dear friend,
    The game is 👍 nicer but it seems that it is not in the Game Center. I am playing it for along time but in the new version the levels got will be reset as it upgrades!!! Why?


  15. Matthew

    I can’t up to date my game version and when i open my game it’s gave me a error (new version is available) after that i go to app store but i can’t see any update option.


  16. Daniel

    How does one advance to the next league?
    I’ve had the highest score several times, but every week, I’m back to zero and unranked!


  17. Mohamad zandi

    Hi, I have already sent you guys zillions of feedbacks and no response yet! In the current iOS version as of today, if other players decide to drop out no matter what the score is, the table goes rogue and doesn’t let you finish the game! Im getting less than a tenth of the score im supposed to get


  18. Riley

    Hi there, can you please fix it because I always get much lower cards than the other team and so does my teammate. Please fix this because it. Is nearly impossible to win


  19. Ac

    App has become very annoying to play with. Repeptive cards and it seems to decide what it wants to give you rather than actually giving you randomized cards. Please make cards randomized. This is no fun


  20. Shiv Panjwani

    The Hokm multiplayer game mode is awesome! If you could expand the game mode to include 6 and 8 player Hokm game modes, my friends and I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you, and looking forward to seeing your future innovations.


  21. Rex

    Great Job on Hokm can I make couple of comments for improvements.
    For us as older (64 years old) I am having a trouble to see the small giff for heart vs spade or piek card. They are too small to see and they are not in color.
    Also please don’t use fancy numbering or fancy graphics for clubs , heart and diamond or peik cards. Simple big numbers. That speeds up our playing.

    I also like the small icon I can open to choose a quick funny comment. Will be nice to somehow give choice if the comment is for my partner or for my competition.

    The scores are hardly readable, what is wrong with just doing numbers instead of those square hard to see boxes. At least make the box double in size so I can see it.

    Thank you for your attention. And thank you for a great job on providing the game. Rex



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