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153 thoughts on “

  1. Alborz

    Also, sometimes if you swipe a card at exactly the same time as the when the time ha up, both cards go to the table but only the one the system chose shows up, my hand is missing a card, when it realizes I am missing a card it says connecting with server, then it just put in the lowest of the same suit, seems like a bug that can be fixed, but your app is very good!


  2. Amin peymani

    Salam va Khast nabashid barne bespeak On line dive bazy Nemo she kard lotfan peygiry konid bazy ke khodemon ba dosatamon a jam midadim


  3. Amir farhad Peymani

    I’m happy to play shelem by your app and thank you.
    Unfortunately the shelem online doesn’t work after last update.
    Please check it


  4. mahdi

    would you please check the player name in the online player i saw many rude player name in the online play
    many thank’s for your support


  5. Kaubon

    Please, please, please!
    For God’s sake do something about the following irresponsible players who:
    1- Take too long to play.
    2- Obviously bid too high without having the means for that, or worse, bid the highest and immediately leave the game without paying a price for their nasty action. This will cause unnecessary loss of playing hands, and make their partners very upset.
    3- don’t play and let the robot play for them instead which will take the maximum time allowed for the game. It takes the whole fun out of playing.

    Thanks for taking my comments into consideration in advance.


  6. Ana

    Ye modate ke emtizam balaye 1000 morese bad har chi bazi ro edami midam be emtiazam ezafe nemishe ta bebaram. Haminjuri ru 1100 masalan baghi mimune ta ye dast bebazam bad az emtiz kam mishe ama age bebaram behesh ezafe nemishe !!!


  7. Mac

    It would be nice if one could select a group on this site! Or be able to block certain players who are disruptive and even select extremely disrespectful avatar name!


  8. Amin peymani

    Hi’my good friend the program has a problem since the day it was updated ,and we can’t play with our friends,and it wont’open



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