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  1. Korosh

    Slm,age kasi midune chera emtiyaz kam mishe etela bedid,albate tu Levele bala va dar Sadre javal ke bashi in Etefagh miofte,age kasi midune javab bede


  2. Amir978

    براي من چند بار پيش اومده كه ورقهاي يكسان در دست هست مثلا دو تا سه دل
    تصاويرش رو دارم اگر خواستيد ايميل بزنيد تا بفرستم


  3. Al2TA

    Admin aziz lotfan moshkele server ro bartaraf konid baad az 1 saat bazi az server ghate mishim o hame chi beham mirize ….zemnan har shab 2 ta 3 milion emtiaz azamoon kam mishe ke felr konam be dalile ghate ertebat bashe ….


  4. Kian

    Dear App-maker,
    There are 3 problems in SHELEM APP:
    1- The way of calculation in each set is not correct. For example, suppose that I have read 140 point; if I can get 150 point totally then It must be caculated as 150 pt. (Not 140).
    2- Sometimes I can not see my cards whereas others are reading their points and I must log off the Game and go back again. So I will lose lots of the points recieved.
    3- Server has a problem/bug. It push me out of the Game after 12-13 hand played.

    Please fix the bugs and pointings,


  5. Arian

    After each hand there is a advertisement, but most of the time after the add is finished I’ll be kicked out and lose the point and need to start again.
    Also if I close the app I should be able to continue where I left.


    • Rad

      My guess is this is the developers’ strategy to make us pay for the ad-free version. If so, not a nice tactic. I’d rather remove the app and never get anything from this group again.


  6. Jeff

    Man emtiyazam alan az nafare avali ke to list neshon mide kheyli balatare vali aslan neshon nemide va mizane nafare 127 chera?
    To bazi ham ke hamishe ya part mishi biron ya dastet gheyb mishe


  7. Arman Tehrani

    Dear Developer ,

    Here are some of the problems :
    1. Points earned should be equal to what the player got not what a they took the hand for
    Example ; if earn 160 but I took the card s for 140 , in the score sheet you should add 160 not 140 doesn’t n let you to start a game with a joker which is odd

    3. when you get all the points you should get 400 not twice what you read


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