3 thoughts on “Here we go!

    • Babak

      Game Center tavassote Apple control mishe. Berid tooye Settings e gooshi (Settings e bazi na) va ba’d Game Center.
      Agar mikhayd baghie betoonan invitetoon konan motmaen shin ke gozineye “Allow Invites” entekhab shode bashe. Darzemn motmaen shin ke notification haye Game Center ro disable nakarde bashin: (Settings -> Notifications -> Game Center)


  1. Anonymous

    In chess game on line , if you play for
    Example with level 10 you can feel that
    You playing with a master player. It does.t give you one less knlght to lose
    But in backgammon if you play higher
    Leve it gives your opponent perfect
    Numbers so you will lose. Other words
    Your opponent doesnt play any better.
    It is the computer gives him all the chances.if you could program the holm
    Which is iranias favorit game like chess rather backgammon i am sure it will
    Make a good income for the designer.



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