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  1. amir

    i saw your app on iPhone and played it with pleasure. very good and excellent. congratulation. i can’t wait to see it on google play .please develop your nice app to android. good luck


  2. Amir

    I have been playing shelem for many years so i can help your developers inorder to improve it.
    Your product is full of pleasure but we need some changes to make it perfect.
    I am at your service if you want
    Best wishes


  3. Armin

    Greeting from an old friend (from UT),

    Nice work!
    One bug report: the hand does not get sorted, if it is dealt before the ad is over (which happens a lot).
    Make sure you sort the hand after the ad is over.



  4. Ghobaar

    I’ve been enjoying playing Shelem for a while. However in the past few days when I’m forced to see a advertised game, called “War Games” it resets the game I’ve not finished yet. Thus very frustrating. Please try to fix this issue or let me what my options are other than uninstalling the game all together.


    • Babak

      Thanks for your feedback Ghobaar. We also noticed a drop in the usage but couldn’t figure out the root cause.
      We love you have love having you around. I think it is time to get a break and enjoy the spring. I am going to disable the ads for awhile.
      Happy new year.


  5. Tohid

    Leader-board seems hacked by some players.
    Daily, monthly or all-times top ranks are always allocated by some known users. For sure, please check it on early moments of a new month.


  6. Kian

    I would like to apreciate for your nice app in advance. There is a big problem in scoring. For instance if I read 120 (piont) and i get 145, my score is still 120!!!
    Please try to recify scoring problem.


  7. Mehdi

    Very nice update on hokm. Please do the same for shelem. Because shelem is for professional players.
    Thx in advcance for great games.




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