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  1. Mamali

    Salam khaste nabashin mikhastam bdonam chera toye google play store vaghti vared misham k download konam mige barnameye morde nazar peyda nashod


  2. Omid

    Salam lotfan too bakhsh online hokm barai kasani ke vasate bazi kharej mishan jarime emtiaz manfi ya ye jarime mahroomiat az bazi dar nazar begirid choon alan khaili maskhare shode


  3. Rose

    Can you please prevent users from choosing any words other than their names?! This gaming app has turned into a sexual, harassment, and dating place by some uncivilized and irreverent users changing their names every minute and interrupting others’ game!


  4. Rose

    Absolutely shocked!
    My rank was 285 last night. I played a full hand and won. Then went to bed, woke up in the morning, and came back to play again but it really shocked me to see that my rank had suddenly jumped back to 557! How’s that even possible? Based on what conditions exactly you’ve set the ranking system of this game??

    Also often when I’m in the middle of the game, some users joins with ridiculous disturbing usernames and sometimes start playing fool and ruin the game so I have no choice but to leave and start a whole new hand, and this makes my ranking go down! When I make a payment to purchase this app, I expect to have a better customer care as well. This game is awesome but needs a lot more upgrades.

    Here are my suggestions for this game’s improvement:

    – Add a BUZZ button to the game right next to a user’s picture so when they’re being late in playing, another player can BUZZ them, but each person gets to use the button only once in each hand.

    – Add a report bottom in the corner of each game, so if someone is playing everyone fool or uses a disturbing username, the other players can make him/her reported for various reasons.

    – Please fix the ranking system as well!

    Thank you


  5. Nima

    Yani mn ridm too in bazi k shoma sakhtin , sag begad in bazitooono k natoonestim y hokm bazi konim toosh mano doostam oonm b soorate kamel . Linko mifrstm baraye doostam k bazi konm 1 dast k miznin , hang mikone , 1 ki az ma haro mindaze B roon ya kolan hang mikone . Ridm too in sherkat & bazitoon , haroomia

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    • tajaryamehr

      hezar ta moshkele digam dare dadash
      ba in apdate akharishooon riiiiiiidan
      vast bazi tabligh miad bad dokme khoruj nadare majburi kharej shi az bazi
      badam koli emtiaz kam mikone
      emoji gozashtan melat be ham taghalob miresoonan
      riiiidan kholase


  6. tajaryamehr

    Really dust on your head with that stupid way of thinking You are not a programmer, you are all thieves
    The first flaw in your game is those ridiculous avatars
    Your second problem is adding waves to the previous update Because players easily sign each other
    Your third problem is adding an ad in the middle of an online game that doesn’t have an exit button And after a few interruptions of the Internet and leaving the game,
    the total score of our test decreases unjustly
    I am ranked 10th in the Grand Master
    Taj-Aria Mehr
    Our country, Iran, is under sanctions

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  7. SIAvASH

    salam o khaste nabashid khedmat sazandegane bazi hokm plus
    bazi baraye man update nemishe
    chikar bayad konam
    mishe rahnamaei konid



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