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  1. Mansour Shokri

    I restored my ipad now it doesn’t connect to the online games, only the offline is available and doesn’t show my league, I did restore my purchase


  2. decoalounak

    slm shayanzamany hastam
    aval inke admin telegrameton chera enghadr bi adabe?!
    aslan nahveye barkhorde monasebi ba karbar nadare
    pas key mosabeghe ro bargozar mikonid?
    vase nahveye bargozarie mosabeghe ideye khoubi daram,age mayel bodid bahaton dar mian bezaram…

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  3. decoalounak

    slm chera nahveye emtiaz dehi be karbar ha motefavete?!
    masalan be karbar androidi emtiaze bishtari dade mishe ta ios?
    in baes shode rade bandie lig gheyre vaghei bashe va hese bi angizegi be vojod biare vase karbare ios…
    lotfan ino baresi konid. tnx


  4. Hamed

    Hi, I played a few days and then I had to delete and install it again. But now I can not connect to the server. I reinstalled it several times but I still can not play online. I love this game, Plz fix my problem



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