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  1. Korosh

    Slm,age kasi midune chera emtiyaz kam mishe etela bedid,albate tu Levele bala va dar Sadre javal ke bashi in Etefagh miofte,age kasi midune javab bede


    • Yasha

      Agar bebazi khob emtiaz kam misheh
      Va agar ham emtiyazet alaki kam misheh
      Bekhatere ineke adamhaye digeh bishtar az to bazi mikonan va emtiyaz jam mikonan
      Pas levele to downgrade mishe


  2. Amir978

    براي من چند بار پيش اومده كه ورقهاي يكسان در دست هست مثلا دو تا سه دل
    تصاويرش رو دارم اگر خواستيد ايميل بزنيد تا بفرستم


  3. Al2TA

    Admin aziz lotfan moshkele server ro bartaraf konid baad az 1 saat bazi az server ghate mishim o hame chi beham mirize ….zemnan har shab 2 ta 3 milion emtiaz azamoon kam mishe ke felr konam be dalile ghate ertebat bashe ….


  4. Kian

    Dear App-maker,
    There are 3 problems in SHELEM APP:
    1- The way of calculation in each set is not correct. For example, suppose that I have read 140 point; if I can get 150 point totally then It must be caculated as 150 pt. (Not 140).
    2- Sometimes I can not see my cards whereas others are reading their points and I must log off the Game and go back again. So I will lose lots of the points recieved.
    3- Server has a problem/bug. It push me out of the Game after 12-13 hand played.

    Please fix the bugs and pointings,


  5. Arian

    After each hand there is a advertisement, but most of the time after the add is finished I’ll be kicked out and lose the point and need to start again.
    Also if I close the app I should be able to continue where I left.


    • Rad

      My guess is this is the developers’ strategy to make us pay for the ad-free version. If so, not a nice tactic. I’d rather remove the app and never get anything from this group again.


  6. Jeff

    Man emtiyazam alan az nafare avali ke to list neshon mide kheyli balatare vali aslan neshon nemide va mizane nafare 127 chera?
    To bazi ham ke hamishe ya part mishi biron ya dastet gheyb mishe


  7. Arman Tehrani

    Dear Developer ,

    Here are some of the problems :
    1. Points earned should be equal to what the player got not what a they took the hand for
    Example ; if earn 160 but I took the card s for 140 , in the score sheet you should add 160 not 140 doesn’t n let you to start a game with a joker which is odd

    3. when you get all the points you should get 400 not twice what you read


  8. Arman Tehrani

    Hello ,
    Here are comments :

    1. Recently point are being deducted for playing ;
    2. As “ Hakeem” you should be able to start the game with a joker if desired ;
    3- points gathered at the end of each hand should be added to your overal score rather than the number you announced to take the “tah dast”


  9. Yasha

    Recently i Cant invite my friends to play Shelem Online!!!
    I used to do it alot, with Email, whatsapp even SMS , but now it doesn’t open the Sent Link In Safari browser anymore! Anyone knows whats the solution???
    Thanks in advance!


  10. Abdulla alhammadi

    When playing with bots they tend to play the hukum even if the hakeem is on the opposite team which is something that ruin games for people since its a wrong move if you dont have the biggest hukum


  11. masoud

    salam. lotfan ye taghirat ya update bedin ke melat alaki vaght baghie ra hadar nadan. toye bazi zood left midan ya alaki kharej mishan az bazi va bazie baghie ra kharab mikonan. age nemikhan bazi konan ya moshkeli ya kari barashon pish miad ke nemitonan be bazi edame bedan pas yek kasr emtiaz bayad dashte bashan ke edame bedan bazi ro . tashakor 👍🏻


  12. Shahab

    Salam, bazi oghat tablighat ke mian roo safhe dge az roo safe nemiran, harcheghad ke sabr konim ya oon zarbdaresho bezanim bazam mimone, dar nahayat bayad az bazi kharej shod ke baes mishe save bepare!


  13. kami

    Hi Babak Jaan,
    Thank you for developing this online game of Shelem, We are playing it every night specially now that we have to stay home due to COVID19. There is a problem which I was wondering if you can resolve. When we play with other friends (I invite 3 other friends to play with each other), at some point of the game the system kick one of us out and replace it with computer, and so we have to all leave the game and restart a new game. This almost happens 90% of the times. Could you please help? Another issue is the system only allows you 10 second to decide about your Hokm and put the 4 cards down, could you increase the allotted time? Thanks Kami


  14. Abbas

    The timeline for discard the cards at the beginning is very limited. Can you put on setting to increase the time. Also when I invite my friends to play, if anyone is disconnected (that usually happens) the computer will replace. How you can have option for private tables to re-invite that person again to the table. Also it should be a pause button on the private table to stop the game or save it for later.


  15. Farzi

    There is a big problem when you take a hand and you want to choose the color, the system eliminates the 4 cards and removes in particularly the aces. You can imagine how annoying this is? Can you fix this enormous bug in your system?
    Thanks in advance!


  16. Hojjat

    Slm, agha in bazi chandta bag dare. Yeki inke vaghti khod system tak o shah dasteshe, ro barg harif shahro mizane bad tako bazi mikone ke baes mishe takesh boride beshe. Bazi vaghta ham kolan ghat mizane, masalan yebar dota sarbaz ghishniz to dast bod, ke albate ejaze bazi nemide kolan. Yeki dige inke vaghti ba joker bazi mikoni, ejaze nemide dast aval hakem ba joker rangi shoro kone. Moshkelat dige ham to khod bazi system hast.


    • sami

      halet khoobe?
      Mage too baziye vagheii mitooni daste aval ba jooker bazi koni?!😁 oonjaham bayad aval bargi ke hokmete biyay bad joker,magar inke zabooni hokmetoo elam koni ke betooni daste aval ba joker bazi koni,ke oon moghe dige bara zire 15sal maze mide bazi😁


  17. sami

    in chera injuri shode?
    Chera inghad emtiyaz kam mikone?
    Vaghti nemibazimam emtiyaz kam mikone!!!!!
    gooshi zang bokhore az bazi kharej shi emtiyaz kam mikone!!!!!
    dorostesh konid babaaaaaaaaaa
    Update jadidetoonam ke eimojiya eftezah shode cadreshoon!!!


  18. Mohammad Motahedan

    Please correct 2 faults
    1-After each score does not come
    2-I think it is more important than middle of the game to check the score board
    3- automaticity kicks players out before hand dealt at the start of the game


  19. Reza Motabar

    Please correct 2 faults
    1-After each round score does not come up
    2- After one or two rounds players automaticity Being kicked out before hand dealt at the start of the next round


  20. Kaubon

    Sometimes the time allowed for the Hakem to pick Hokm isn’t enough while other allowed times seem to be too long.
    I would like to suggest to increase the time to call the Hokm by 50%, and reduce other times by 50%.



  21. Alborz

    Need a window to right text or activate voice so I can tell a moron like Bob that you don’t play the Ace of your own hokm last card of the game! Bob you are an idiot if there ever was one



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