Stay tuned

It’s been almost a month since the first version of Shelem is released and we still can’t believe such good feedbacks from you guys. The number of reviews was really higher than our expectations. Thank you.

As a token of our appreciation we are going to have a fast follow release to show you how much we listen and care about your feedbacks.  I hope you guys like it as much as we do.  In addition to ironing out numerous details and tons of bug fixes, there has been a lot of work under the hood to improve AI of the agents, and to make it work over the wire. Hopefully, we should be able to push a new version to Apple for review by this weekend.
Here is an screenshot of the app in its current state. Stay tuned as it is getting exciting…


9 thoughts on “Stay tuned

  1. Anonymous

    I am hooked on this game even though I don’t understand all the rules. I don’t know how to win..even when I do win, I don’t know why. I’ve won in a very few rounds, and at many rounds. Sometimes my winning score is low, but many times its over 1000. Plus I wish there was a way to keep score as you play…perhaps the number of hands you’ve acquired?? Anyway….love this game. Keep up the good work


    • Babak

      Glad to hear you liked it and thanks for the feedback.
      The score in each round is based on the quality of the cards you win. In short you should try to win as many Ace, 10 and 5s as possible. In order to win the whole game you should either 1) reach 1165 or 2) the difference between your score and your opponent’s score reaches 1165. For example, you can win a game by scoring 0 if your opponent scores -1165.
      This game has a rather complicated score system. You should find a detailed description in the Guide section of the app or here.


  2. sammy

    At some points the current player has all high cards either all reaming trumps and/or highest card of other suits. In this case the game can be ended with all cards for all players faced up. Other than, the rest is the best specially the semi-shuffle algorithm.



  3. Hossein

    Love the game but there are too many bugs causes unintended exit and hanging the app, please please fix them and also I suggest that if possible add an option to the game to enable players to talk together. Thanks


  4. Nahid

    سلام بابك جان ، من خيلى اين بازى رو دوست دارم، و به خيلى از دوستانم هم ياد دادم و اون ها هم خوششون امده ، ولى من خودم يك موضوع خيلى ناراحتم كرده ، و اون اينه كه تا حالا چند بار بازى رو بردم ولى امتيازى دريافت نكردم!!!! اين چندين باره كه اينطور برام پيش مياد ، لطفاً اين كارو با مشتركين خود انجام ندين كه زده بشن !! چون واقعاً مردم وقت ميذارند و در ازاى اون دوست دارند كه امتيازشون رو دريافت كنند با تشكر از شما نازنينانم

    ن .م


    • Babak

      خیلی خوشحالم که از این بازی خوشتون اومده. متاسفانه سیستم نگهداری امتیازها توسط اپل انجام میشه و از کنترل ما خارجه. آخر هر بازی ما به اپل پیغام میدیم که امتیازتون رو به روز کنه. اگر اینترنتتون قطع باشه ما سعی خودمون رو میکنیم که این اطلاعات رو نگه داریم و وقتی دوباره به اینترنت وصل شدید اون رو به اپل بگیم. ولی اگر قبل از اینکه به اینترنت وصل بشید بازی رو ببندید امکانش وجود داره که امتیاز جدیدی که کسب کردید از دست بره. عذرخواهی ما رو بابت ایرادات بازی بپذیرید. قصدی در کار نیست.


    • Babak

      The dark and light shades show range of possible scores. There is always uncertainty around bidder’s score since the initial discarded cards are unknown to you. They might worth between 5 and 45 depending on their ranks. So, the initial score would show 5 as the dark shade and 45 as the light shade.
      Of course there is no need for a range if you are the bidder.


  5. Saham

    Since no robot lets the other team wins with 115, I can easily trick them. For example: If I am the first bidder and my hand is not good, I can start with 115 and I know the next one goes to 120 without looking at his/her hand. The rest of AI is very close to human level of thinking.

    Thank you


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